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History of the Congregation

In 1927 a small group of German-Americans, with the zeal to worship and study the Bible, stated St. Timothy in a store front on Oxford Avenue in the Fox Chase area of Philadelphia.  The church grew to 39 worshipers who organized themselves enough to move into an old bank building at Oxford Avenue and Fillmore Street.  The parishioners did most of the work.  There were struggles and joys over the years, but the church continued to grow to 300.  The need for more space was evident.

A new church building, the location of our present sanctuary, was built in 1956.  A huge effort was made to quickly pay off the mortgage.  A new parish center was built in 1973 on the site of the old bank building.  From that point until today, moderate growth was experienced due mostly to demographic changes in Fox Chase.

In 1992 some structural changes were needed to our sanctuary and it was also felt at that time to bring it into the 21st century.  By 1999 our church was completely transformed with a new stained glass window, new pews, structure changes to the altar area and carpeting.  Air conditioning and a new sound system and projection equipment were added.

Joy and pride as felt, much like our founders must have experienced when they purchased an old bank building and transformed it into a church.

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