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March and April Issue




New Pastor, New Service Time

On Sunday, March 3, smiles abounded when St. Tim’s welcomed the Reverend Kathleen A. Kerin as our new pastor at a new time for our weekly service: 9:15 am.

 Because Pastor Kerin is also pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Olney, both congregations needed to adjust their service times.  We opted for 9:15 am; the people of St. Paul’s chose 11:00 am.

   Pastor Kathleen will have office hours at St. Tim’s on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9 am to 5 pm. To set up an appointment--or in case of a pastoral emergency-- you can reach Pastor Kathleen at 201-638-8217.

  Bringing years of experience with families both as a preschool teacher and as a youth director at St. Paul’s in Glenside, Pastor Kathleen also sees pastoral care/visitation as central to her ministry.

 One unexpected ability? Pastor Kathleen holds a First Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.



Dear People of St. Timothy,

Now that Pastor Kathleen Kerin is beginning her time serving alongside you, I bid you a fond farewell. I have loved serving with you on your journey these last few months.

 In the short time we were together, I have shared your joys and sorrows, and have been a small part of your lives. I have witnessed your ministry across the spectrum: a wedding, a few funerals, your preschool, pierogies sale, Vacation Bible School, leadership, hospitality, and more.

Your love of your church and your ministries, combined with Pastor Kerin’s pastoral gifts, will help you continue to serve God and your community well as you begin this next phase of your journey. Thank you for all you do, and for your faithfulness to the Gospel!

I look forward to running into you at events, or even the grocery store!

              Blessings and love always,

                  Pastor Sandra Brown






Our sincere condolences to Elisa Davis and her sons, Shemar and Joshua, on the death of their beloved mother and grandmother, Gurtis Davis. Her warm smile and gentle presence will be missed.

  We also extend our sympathy to the family of Marcia J. Richter, a lifetime member known for her faithful support of St. Tim’s ministries, quick wit, and delicious Symphony brownies.  





Thanks to all who helped when St. Tim’s hosted the first of this year’s  Northeast/Northwest Conference Lenten Soup Suppers/Services on February 21. Focusing on the series theme, “Turning Toward God’s Abundance,” Pastor Jane Marston led a meditative service on “Faithfulness.”

  The next week, Pastor Kathleen Kerin’s message at St. Paul’s in Olney centered on “Mercy.” The Lenten Series continues on upcoming Wednesdays, with Soup Suppers at 6 pm, followed by services at 7 pm.

  Here’s the schedule:

·        March 6—St. John’s Lutheran Church (3101 Tyson Avenue). Theme: Compassion

·        March 13 –St. David’s (9169 Academy Road) Theme: Forgiveness

·        March 20—Redemption (8001 Bustleton Avenue) Theme: Love

   If you would like to carpool from church, call Liz Soltan (215-828-1619).

 In other Conference news, before the February 28 Lenten service, those in attendance voted “aye” to approve a proposed Task Force that will look into more ways to encourage joint services and other events within the Conference. More info to come.



Ø Palm Sunday Procession and Service—March 24, at 9:15 am

Ø Maundy Thursday Service  – March 28, at 4 pm

Ø Good Friday Service – March 29, at 4 pm

Ø Easter Sunday Service --  March 31, at 9:15 am









In mid-February, the hard-working and enterprising staff of St. Timothy Lutheran Preschool began an innovative fundraiser to benefit St. Tim’s Building Maintenance Fund. They sold “chances” for an online raffle for four prime tickets to FROZEN (the Musical) at the Academy of Music. The drawing was held on March 4. Congratulations to Carolyn Denzel, the lucky winner!

******************************************************************************SPEAKING OF FUNDRAISERS …

Don’t forget to use the Shop Raise app as you make purchases to brighten your Easter celebrations.  Go to for more details.


Buying new sneakers for spring? Bring your old ones to church for our sneaker recycling program. (Just drop them into the big box in the Library.)

******************************************************************************HOW YOU CAN HELP ST. TIM’S MINISTRIES

* Let your voice be heard as a Lector (reader) at our Sunday services.  Call Kathy Swift (215-813-0824) for more information.

*  Turn your Easter leftovers into meals for the people served by Caring for Friends. Pick up containers and instructions in our Café.

* Bring canned goods and other non-perishable food items to our Library; we will take them to the Memorial Presbyterian Church of Fox Chase food bank; Feast of Justice welcomes our donations of personal care items, too.




Our Prayer Team is ready to lift you or your concern in prayer. No concern is too small or insignificant.  If you need prayer, talk with one of our team members:  Barbara Huber, Tina Snyder,  Isabel Hyczko, Carolyn Denzel, Rich Soltan, Vanessa Fineberg, Verna Clohecy, and  Tom Lyden




Please help us to provide good pastoral care.  Call Pastor Kathleen Kerin at 201-638-8217.

* You are in need of prayer

*  You are ill or hospitalized

*  A baby is born into your family

*  You are planning to marry

*  You want to receive the sacraments of Baptism or Holy Communion

*  You are moving

*  Your phone number or email address has changed

Please be sure your next of kin has the pastor’s phone number in case of emergency. Put Pastor Kerin’s phone number with your health insurance cards or post it on your refrigerator so your family can reach out in an emergency.



*****************************************************************************THE NEXT CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING IS SET FOR SUNDAY, MARCH 24, AFTER OUR SERVICE.

If you wish to attend, please get in touch with a Council member beforehand, so we can arrange our agenda accordingly. 

   See the list of Council members below.





Church Council usually holds meetings after worship on the third Sunday of the month, although summer vacations may necessitate a break in that schedule.

  Anyone is welcome to attend a Council meeting, but we do request notice beforehand. Similarly, feel free to bring up your suggestions, concerns, or questions to any Council member.

   Here is the contact information for Council members.

·         Liz Soltan (President) – 215-828-1619 or (

·         Rich Soltan (Vice President) -215-828-1617 or (

·         Carolyn Denzel (Secretary) -215-205-4187 or

·         Susan Feola (Christian Education) -215-718-9600 or (

·         Vanessa Fineberg (Parish Life) - 215-605-2653 or (

·         Thomas Lyden (Property) – 215-340-9811 or

·         Tina Snyder (Service) – 267-879-4637 or (

·         Kathy Swift (Worship) –215-813-0824 or (








March 3

March 10

Numbers 21: 4-9

Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

Ephesians 2: 1-10

John 3: 14-21


March 17

Psalm 119:9-16 (alternate)


March 24 (Palm Sunday)

       Procession with Palms

John 12:12-16 (alternate)

Isaiah 50: 4-9a


 March 28 (Maundy Thursday)


March 29 (Good Friday)


March 31 (Easter Sunday)

Isaiah 25:6-9 (alternate)

Acts 10:34-43 (alternate)

John 20:1-18 (alternate)


April 7


April 14


April 21


April 28

Acts 8: 26-40

Psalm 22: 25-31

1 John 4:7-21

John 15: 1-8

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